Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Add On"

Grade 5 got their creative juices flowing this week with an art game suggested by Dominik! The game is called: Add On.... Everyone started with their sketchbook and a pencil, ready to draw! But what to draw you might be wondering? Well... Each person came up with one part to add to our "Creative Creatures". One by one we went around the class and added in each idea to our drawing. They got pretty crazy and certainly creative! This is a fun game any group of artists can try anytime to warm up imaginations and stir up creativity!

Here's our complete list of Add Ons as well as some of the resulting drawings:

At the end we even took some time to draw good friends for our crazy creatures.  What a fun day of wacky ideas, unusual combinations, and plenty of laughter :)  

How do you wake your creativity up after a long holiday or break from making?  

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