Cool Art Links

Here are some really cool art websites, blogs, and ideas to inspire you to create! Recommended for you BY you! (ASB Community)

If you have something you'd like Mrs. G to share on this page please email her the link or information: 

General Art Websites
Google Art Project
 search/learn about masterpieces, take virtual tours of art museums all over the world

Art dot com
GREAT website! search artists, art styles, buy art, search for videos and inspiration! (recommended by Suraj Gr 5)
website for exploring and creating/inventing all sorts of things!
(recommended by Maeve Gr 4) 

tons of quick guides and how-to steps to make and create

Artist Websites/Blogs
Isabella Rose: young rising artist/designer/painter from Texas
Alisa Burke (this artist sketches every day)-Mrs. G's favorite artist blog 
Ila Pal Indian Painter, Author (Recommended by Ananya gr 4- Ila's granddaughter!)

Art Programs/Tools (for making art!)
Color Scheme Designer
Psykopaint (create artwork in the styles of other artists!)
Warholize Me! (create a pop art style portrait of yourself!)
Action Painting like Jackson Pollock
Sumopaint (website and app) free online photoshop (recommended by Kaavya in Gr 5)
Sketchpad (recommended by Renee Gr 5)

Favorite Art Apps:
(most are iPad apps Mrs. Garrett has on her iPad but many are available for both Apple and Android devices-most have free or lite versions available)

artCircles (search for art works by colors or subject!-free app for ipad)
Paper 53 (free app with many in-app purchase extension options to sketch/draw/color)
Bamboo Paper (sketchpad application similar to Paper 53)
Fingerpaint (fun to simply enjoy splashing and swirling colors on the screen)
Origami (complete with how-to lessons and step by step guides)
Amaziograph (create symmetrical designs!)
Phyzios Sculptor (3D visual sculptor tool)
[other cool 3D apps here!]
Percolator (2.99, think modern day pointilism- dot-ifying photos!)
How to Draw (simple basic drawing lesson videos compiled)
explOratorium: Color Uncovered (learn interesting facts about colors)
Imagine the World (photo journey around the world)
Earth As Art (Super cool NASA satellite images of earth as breathtaking art)
artDatabase (collection of artwork)
Art Gallery
Artist Apps such as: Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh
Morfo (3D narrative animation for 2D images/drawings)
Cut Stories (silhouette cut outs as a form of art)
GSMX (Green Screen Magic Effects)

Photo Editting/Collaging Apps such as: 
Photo Editor, Color Effects, PicFrame, Snapseed, Aviary, 100fx 

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