Thursday, 30 January 2014


Really, I am nearly speechless after seeing the incredible art from these two artists recently. I've seen their photos and stories being shared online through different news and social media sites, and thought I must share! I know some of you have seen these artists too- what do you think!?  I am amazed by their unique idea to create such large but temporary art. Would you spend that much time planning, designing and creating something only to have it destroyed by the next wave or snowfall?  It certainly take a special passion and drive and a deep love for creating. Kudos to these artists who are creating breathtakingly beautiful designs with essentially the world around us! 

Click on the hyperlinked text below to find their websites and more information about them! 

Simon Beck: Snow Artist
Creates giant drawings using his snowshoes, a compass, a brilliant plan and a good sense of direction. Originally a map-maker, he loves creating temporary designs in the fresh snows that fall in France during ski season. You can find his photos of his art and learn more about him through interviews on social media sites and news outlets. He was even asked by Disney to create an image for the recent film, Frozen! 

Creates designs by raking sand on beaches, exposing the wet sand which looks darker and creates the lines for his drawings. Originally from California USA he loves spending time at the beach- this style of art is also known as playa paintings or beach art.  Here's a time lapse of him creating a work: 

There's even an entire community of beach artists like Andres! Check out a video from BBC on their competitions: 

Imagine you were going to try to make a piece of art inspired by these artists? What type of weather, terrain, geography would you look for?  Imagine large and small ways you can do this around you in your every day life.... growing up I used to draw in the frost on the glass of windows on my bus ride home :)  Share your thoughts! 


  1. Wow! That's incredible- it must have taken a lot of imagination to do that. I especially like how you can only really see the big picture from up above.
    I think it would be fun to try planting a picture. Or by biking with paint on your wheels.

  2. Thats cool! I wonder where they got their inspiration from? Did they grow up doing this as children? It must be awesome to have the world/canvas at your feet!


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