Grade 3

Find your mask
Download/Save/Insert to Eportfolio

Include a reflection with:
1) How you made your mask
2) Describe how you decorated your mask and why

How we express ourselves
Jan-Feb 2014
Personal Culture Symbols inspired by Prehistoric Cave Art


1) Find your artwork photo in your class link (Google Drive folder)
2) Download your image (and or move to your Drive if you prefer)

3) Open a new tab with ThingLink + log in

4) Create a new Thinglink- Name it! 

5) Select artwork image (probably in downloads folder)

6) Link your symbols-typing in your keys (why you chose the symbol)

7) Add your name, class, and thingling Link to the google doc table below:


In this unit we will explore different forms of expression cultures and groups of people have used all over the world throughout history.  Focusing primarily on prehistoric art such as the cave paintings from Lascoux we will create our own version of a cave painting using charcoal and creating our own "cave canvas" for someone to discover 15,000 years from now! Moving forward in time we will learn about the forms of aboriginal art and practice the styles and art forms from Australia.  Finally we will learn more about the forms of artistic expression through folk art in India.  Each time period and style expressed their values, beliefs, and culture through distinct art forms.  Grade 3 artists will dive into these art forms themselves and create a legacy to live on in visual expression. 

Grid Drawing
Nov-Dec 2013

In this unit we will explore how to use mathematics in art to enlarge and copy drawings.  We will recreate the ASB crest using tools such as rulers, grids, and compasses.  The ASB crest contains symbols that represent our school.  Each class will collaboratively create a large 6ft x 6ft enlargement of the new ASB Crest design using the grid method.  


Unit 1: Self-Portrait Storytelling
In this unit students will have the chance to explore the use of materials they are familiar with and choose the ones they are most comfortable with to create a self-portrait.  We will review the concept of self-portrait and review several contemporary and classical artists and their portraits.  Selecting any combination of oil pastels, tempera paints, watercolors, markers, crayons or colored pencils, students will develop their observation drawing skills by studying their reflections in mirrors and drawing what they see as a third grader.  Just as every person has a creative story, every portrait does too! We'll be using an iPad app Morfo to bring our drawings to life through 3D animation and realistic narration.  Ultimately these videos will be linked to the artwork so that any viewer can scan the art and hear the story.  

3A Links to Self-Portrait Photos and Morfo Videos

Sharing your Self-Portrait Story Auras with Friends and Family:


Looking forward to the creative moments we'll have in Grade 3 this year! 


  1. It looks wonderful! No wonder my daughter came home and asked about Morfo!

  2. Wow, Mrs. Garrett! I remember when we did the grid drawing. It was a challenging experience, but fun. I also remember the morfo. It was a good experience using the iPads. All the classes did a really AMAZING job! Zainab

  3. This is awesome look at how much we have done.


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