Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Crests Complete!

Grade three celebrated their successful completion of each class crest this week. You can see them hanging around ASB soon!  Well done grade three artists on an impressive show of collaborations and commitment to craftsmanship.

Here's a peak into the process: 

(3C Mural now on display at the ES Campus Entry!) 

The grade 3 students worked together to create this collaborative mural of the ASB Crest.  Each group started with a two-foot square image of the crest, and used a grid process to transfer and enlarge the image to create six-foot square murals of the crest.

They each worked on small sections (grid boxes) of the drawing to enlarge the image one piece at a time. Once all of the pieces were drawn out, the pieces were fit together like a puzzle and the mural went through a process of revision and refining. After the sketches were ready, the marker outline set the drawing in place. The last step was to add color.  Inspired by the use of the grid drawing process, small grid squares were drawn in the background and filled in with shades of colors determined by the class through a thoughtful reflection of color theory. 

Ultimately each student played an important role throughout each step of this process and they have created something as a group that would have been overwhelming as individuals. Collaboration was the key to this successful mural project. We are happy to share this process and beautiful product, which represents who we are at ASB.

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