Friday, 5 October 2012

Zentangle Reflection

Fifth grade had just currently finished their unit of Zentangles. We learned that a Zentangle is a drawing style that has many shapes and designs in it that repeat, it is usually around a shape. We started our unit by drawing a Zentangle on our sketch book covers. We were divided into 4 groups and each group created a poster, in the middle there was a big peace sign. Around it was a Zentangle created by our group members! We all could not wait until we would start drawing on the mural. Before that our teacher painted each of our hands blue, so we could make handprints on the mural. After that we designed Zentangles around our own handprints and later we were allowed to design others.
Seoyeon:I felt really excited to do this fun project because drawing the Zentangle were awesome to draw many shapes with black and white. I really enjoyed this project!!
Enen: I thought that it was fun and challenging because we got to design our own creations! I really loved the mural!
Amelie: This unit was challenging for but also fun. I learned how to draw new designs and how it feels when some other people add and edit your work.

We really enjoyed this unit!

 By: Enen, Seoyeon and Amelie in 5C

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