Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grade 2: Splish Splash and Fun in the Sun!

We have just started a new unit of art exploration using natural forces on earth in our artwork.  Just as we are beginning to see and learn in our classroom, the earth is always changing due to natural forces such as erosion.  Well changes can also happen in the art room due to these forces! The past few classes we have observed how water can affect the appearance of certain materials, while others will remain the same.  We got to work with new materials: watercolor crayons and watercolor-colored-pencils! (say that 5 times fast :) ).  We used charts in our sketchbooks to make predictions, gather data, and learn about some of the materials we use often in the art room.

This week we got to have some fun in the sun!  Using special paper that is sensitive to sun we created solar prints by placing objects on the paper in the bright hot sunlight for about five minutes. The paper magically turned white and we dunked our pages in water to stop the sensitivity of the paper from fading our prints. (water at work again!) We watched as the paper slowly turned back to blue, leaving the shape of our objects as white prints on the paper. Too cool!

"I was surprised that the sun can make a art with a special paper" -JooHee 

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