Monday, 8 October 2012

Printmaking Unit: Grade 4

In 4th grade we learned how to print on a paper by using a styrofoam stamp.

These are the steps.    
  1.  First, we drew a picture of our selfs.
  2. Then, we traced our styrofoam in our sketch book, so we know what the size is.
  3. In the rectangle we drew our self-portrait again (the right size)
  4.  Labeled two pages of our sketchbook and wrote "practice print" and "placing print"
  5. We printed in our sketchbooks: using ink, brayers, and the ink plates
  6. Then we started on our final poster after our practice prints
  7. Then we printed on our sketchbook covers
  8. We printed our self portrait three times on our posters with three different colors (with choices of 5 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) 
  9. We wore aprons and got our art brains to work
  10. On the last day we had a free printing day 
Vinay: I think this project was fun because I like getting messy. I like how I got to put the picture of my self on the front cover of my sketchbook. 
Nina: I thought this project was exciting to learn how to print.  I thought at the end everything looked really pretty: our posters and our sketchbooks. 
Aarushi: It was a wonderful way to put our art brains to work!
Kennedy: It was so fun I'm speechless. 

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