Monday, 5 May 2014

Extended exhibition celebration!

This year's elementary art exhibition was a great success (as always).  The artwork on display was full of imagination, creativity and a broad range of skills.  Thanks to all who joined us for the opening, the exhibition kicked off with a large and joyful celebration including families and friends admiring the exhibition and even creating some artwork of their own!  Creating and responding are two essential elements to understanding the visual arts. Throughout the week our young artists had many opportunities to respond to the wide variety of artwork on display.

They were able to share with family and friends at the opening, take notes and reflect on pieces that stood out to them during their art classes during the week, and include their creations of artefacts of their learning at student-led conferences.  They sketched and shared artwork that stood out to them with their peers and many were inspired to create pieces based on the ideas, techniques, and artwork they saw on display from other grades.

The exhibition was such a wonderful celebration of the ideas and talents of our students.  Each artist should be extremely proud! This year, to further extend the celebration in combination with the ASB Arts Festival, the displays were redistributed to new locations around the elementary school to continue the public display for a second week.

Finally, after two weeks of admiring our elementary artists' artwork, a selection of the artwork was transferred to the BKC campus for all to enjoy and see.  In exchange, a selection of middle school and high school pieces arrived on the ES campus for the younger students to respond to the types of artwork and skills they will be investigating in the higher grades. This is such a great opportunity for our community to exchange and celebrate the creativity across all grades, two campuses, and one school community! 

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