Sunday, 11 May 2014

3D Printing

Grade 4 has recently developed their understanding of the differences between 2D shapes & 3D forms:

Shapes to Forms: How-to Drawing Video

They have learned how to properly draw and shade forms according to the position of a light source and even include a shadow to make their forms look realistic and appear 3D.  You probably noticed some of their excellent optical illusions in the exhibition:

Seo Hyun created an excellent page in her sketchbook at home practicing the techniques and capturing the key elements of shading forms:

While drawing 3D forms with pencil and paper is quite the challenge and task in and of itself, grade 4 students tried out some digital tools as well.  Using Sumopaint (a free, online program similar to photoshop), students learned how to apply the gradient tool to create an instant "shaded" effect and how to use shape tools and layers to create digital images and illusions. Though it takes some time to get familiar with the digital tools and techniques, often technology can help speed up some art processes.

3D printing is a breakthrough development that can really transform the art making process. With 3D printing machines, you can now actually (literally) draw in 3D! 3D pens make it possible to draw sculptures- how amazing is that?! Though is it not the speediest when compared to normal printers (a 3D figure can take hours to print), the results formed are often efficient, reliable and quick (relative to the task).  3D printing has been around for about a decade but the friendliness and purpose in society is still being developed.  ASB has several 3D printers (primarily located in the maker spaces on each campus) as well as a 3D pen in the research and development department- exploring possibilities.  Here are a few videos to introduce you to 3D printing and it's various uses...

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Giant 3D Printer builds 10 houses in 1 Day! 

LIX-The smallest 3D Pen in the world (a current kickstarter project though many models exist)

What would you make with a 3D printer? What would you draw with a 3D pen? These technologies could solve global issues in shelter and housing or even food distribution.  Possibilities are endless, dream on ASB artists :) 

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