Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Very Influential People

Very Influential People... Who are they? How are they influential? What difference can someone with influence make?  These are questions grade 2 has spent some time exploring and reflecting on in their unit of inquiry.  In art, we explored 4 very influential artists- ranging in nationality, materials/media, and contributions to the art world and in turn art history.  These artists are recognized and known for starting something new or seeing things in new ways. Henri Matisse is contributed with bring collage to the art world while Paul Klees use of mixed media and applying whimsical drawings through printmaking techniques layered on paintings was a unique approach to art making. Pablo Picasso is famous for saying " I don't paint things they way I see them, but the way I think them", and started the art movement of CubAndy Warhol created a style of art that captured and shared aspects of popular culture through his art such as food and iconic celebrities in Pop Art.  Grade 2 created pieces of art influenced by the contributions if these artists to the world of art. Check out some of their work, collage side by side to note the differences in approaches to creativity! 

We also used a fun tool too explore museums around the world to find out more about these artists and other influential artists called Google Art Project.  Check it out! You can virtually visit-and even walk through-many of the worlds great art collections.

Which artists influence you? Who inspires you and the way you express yourself? How can you have influence on others in your life (through art or other ways!)? 

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