Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sea shells by the sea shore!

Last weekend Coach Dax and I spent some time on the beach. As an artist- I find the sea to be such a source of inspiration- from the fresh air, sound of the waves and beautiful sunsets reflecting in the water. 

However though I love spending time walking near the sea my eyes are usually looking down at my feet- scanning the amazing variety of sea shells! This weekend was no different- the unique patterns colors and shapes of shells is really incredible! I used my camera to snap some shots of the beautiful array of shells as a means of tapping into my creativity. I played around with sorting them by pattern color as size and photographed different arrangements. I can't help but think like an artist everywhere I go! 

Where do you find inspiration? In nature? At the beach? So you have any collections you could sort and photograph? Take a close look around everywhere you go :)

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