Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What would you make?

A grade 4 recently had the chance to experience a U-Pick Friday.  They were able to decide their own project, whether they were working alone or with others, find the supplies they needed, and spend an entire period creating!  The ideas they came up with were extremely unique and inspiring.  There was a wide range of projects from a few groups building paper structures and museum layouts to individuals, building block castles, individuals making posters for recycling and Diwali, creative artwork, shields, drawings and more!  

At the end of class we took some time to share our projects and ideas with each other and really enjoyed hearing the stories and plans people shared.   

This grade 4 class set such a great example of working safely, respectfully and creatively on task the entire class period. I can't wait for more classes to have this opportunity throughout the year!

If you could use a class period to make anything you wanted.... what would you make and why?!  

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