Saturday, 12 October 2013

This week in art!

Photos from our creative plaster sculptures that are being made in our 3D Art Studio on Wednesday after school and Grade 5 groups planning and designing their collaborative Zentangle projects!  Both groups have going through steps of thoughtful planning and reflection in order to make progress and stay on track towards completing their goals.  3D art studio students have 3 classes left to finish their sculptures. Grade 5 students have been given the challenge of completing their group Zentangle in 3 art classes. Both are using timelines and planning sheets to keep track of the progress they make, problems they run into, and solutions they find along the way!

Keeping Track of where we are in our plaster sculptures. Organization and time management are very important when you have a time frame to complete a project! 

Many artists moved into the painting phase, while others in 3D art studio put final plaster details on and move into painting next week
Veeraswa showing off his shark fins attached with plaster this week

Grade 5 making sure everyone is involved
Zentangle Planning Sheet

Deciding on next steps and timeline for the best use of their class time in order to finish their plan in 3 classes!

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