Monday, 23 September 2013

Writing on the window?!

Grade 5 has been practicing repetition (like grade 2 using patterns!) in unique and interesting ways through zentangle drawings.  Using intentionally repeated lines, shapes, and designs in detailed drawings students have been creating some incredible doodles! Ultimately they are brainstorming where they might want to showcase their skills for their final project with a specific purpose and place such an iPhone cover, shower curtain, tshirts or gallery spaces!  In art class to help start thinking outside the box with our project ideas we drew on the windows of the art room! Using watercolor crayons that can easily wash off with water (not like normal wax crayons that will ruin glass) students added designs to the windows of the art room working side by side, learning how to collaborate on a unified Art project. ( just remember not to try this at home unless you have the right supplies!!) be looking for a creative zentangle in a unique place brought to you by a group of fifth graders through the next few weeks! 

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