Monday, 23 September 2013

Art Apps!

I've been exploring a bunch of new iPad apps this year based on my reading, explorings, and your recommendations... (There are lots of great apps for free too!!) Here are some of the apps I have installed on my ipad so far: 

I have really enjoyed learning new things and seeing new art through apps like Earth as Art, Art Circles and Art Database.  

You can edit photos you take easily and creatively through apps like Snapseed, Aviary, reflection, and Rhonna Designs... See how many ways I can change this photo of a lantern in my home!?

Or even create new drawings or ideas through Paper 53, fingerprint, sculptor and more!

Many art apps are already listed on our cool art links tab on this blog... What are some of your favorites that you like to use? Leave a comment below to get them added to our collection :) Happy app-ing!!

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