Friday, 26 April 2013

Art Anytime!

Artists are always thinking of creative ideas and drawing no matter where they are or what they do. Keeping a small sketchbook with you wherever you go can be one great way to keep track of all of your ideas and practice your skills.  Here are some artists from 3B sharing their stories of how they keep art part of their lives outside of the art room!

Emma and Lily have been working together to create colourful pictures from their imagination and inspired by a book they had seen. They coloured these two pictures during recess and in the morning. One is a picture of fairies and the other picture has mermaids. They are still enjoying free drawing for fun working on a cave drawing right now.

Jah and Sanjeet used their 20% time (time for students to explore their interests independently) to make art. They decided to make a marble painting after they talked over many different art ideas. This inspired many others in the class who tried the activity themselves. They had a lot of fun! They plan to use future 20% time on Fridays to explore art projects.

Isabella shared her sketchbook with us today in art. It is filled with drawings using pencils, markers, coloured pencils and more. She has had this book for a few years and draws in it when she sees something or has and idea to do something. She likes peaceful signs in art an warm colors.

How do you make ART a part of your life every day?! 

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