Saturday, 7 June 2014

Creative color wheels

Grade 5 celebrated the completion of their very creative color wheels last week at ASB.  The students wrapped up the year reviewing and learning color theory. They learned about the 12 color color wheel that includes primary, secondary and tertiary colors and learned their order and the organization of the traditional wheel. Color groupings such as analogous and complementary colors were reviewed as well. Students were then challenged to put their knowledge and creativity to the test to complete a uniquely designed color wheel showcasing all 12 colors using a variety of materials. Some students worked independently while other paired up or worked in small groups. They used materials ranging from oil pastels and watercolor paints to wood, fabric, clay and even water to create interesting 2D and 3D color wheels. The pieces were on display in the lobby during the past week and are headed home as we wrap up our year in art this week. Way to go grade 5! 

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