Thursday, 7 November 2013

Google Doodles

Today's Google Doodle

Google is an extremely creative company. From the way they design their work spaces, to their products and ideas, google is known for being innovative and unique. Google search is used millions of times every day to help people find information- as a result the google search home page is one of the most highly viewed webpages in the world. With such a great audience, I love the way Google uses their artistic creativity to share knowledge on their homepage in the form of google doodles. Since 1998 when they first had the idea to doodle up their search page, google has created over 1000 google doodles on display for certain events and celebrations such as holidays and birthday of famous people including many artists.  Pretty cool way to slip some creativity into an ordinary google search!

Google Doodle Archive
You can learn more about Google doodles HERE, see their archive of doodles HERE (is there a special doodle on your birthday?), or even buy Google doodle designs HERE.   Notice how they celebrate a variety of cultures, people, and types of events... Google doodles usually grab my attention and either teach me a new fact (like independence days or globally celebrated holidays) or intrigue me enough to do a new google search of people or places I don't know very much about to learn more!  

A google doodle that caught my eye and caused me to google search the person's name- an Australian aboriginal poet and artist! Learned something new from this google doodle :) 

5C brought up the doodle in class today (without even seeing the blog!) and so we explored the process of making organic blobs using black Ink and recycled paper. Super simple and easy to make- a great way for an artist to develop their creativity by coming up with as many ideas as possible for one "blob"/blot!

Way to go Google for getting the world to think like artists even during simple tasks like searching for information or ideas!  I'd be interested to see what Google doodles ASB artists come up with! 

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