Sunday, 3 March 2013


Here's a cool website that allows you to create a digital artwork (from one of your own photos or starting from a blank canvas) in the style of famous artists. 
 Among the artists you can imitate are Degas, Monet, Van Gogh and many more!  You can save small versions of photos you create on your computer as jpeg files for free once you register as a user (need to provide email/password to log in: check with your parents on this!) Or simply explore and play around with different styles, brushes, colors etc....

  Here's a photo I made into the style of Monet (we've been studying him in grade 2 as an influential artist!). I had a photo of lilly pads I took in Australia in January and I decided to make my own version of Monet's waterlillies.. See the before and after! 
A photo I took in Australia of Water Lillies
Monet Style Water Lillies using Psykopaint tools

What are your favorite websites and apps for making art?
 I've started a new tab on this blog called "Cool Art Links"...
Email me ( your favorite programs and I'll include your picks on this page! There are many ways you can now continue to make art even if you dont have pencil and paper available... Explore what you can do with digital art and share with us what you love to do!

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