Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Perspective Drawing in Grade 5

For the past five weeks grade five have been studying and looking into one and two-point perspective drawings with squares and rectangles. Perspective drawing looks easy and will be easy if you follow the correct steps. Here are the steps to make a successful one-point perspective drawing.

TOOLS YOU NEED: A ruler, a pencil, and an eraser...If you want to color it, crayons or color pencils.

  1. Draw a horizon line somewhere on your page; A horizon line is where the ground and sky meet.
  2. Add a vanishing point anywhere on the horizon line; A vanishing point is where everything disappears.
  3. Draw a rectangle or square under or over the horizon line. It depends on what perspective you want it to look. 
  4. Draw perspective lines by taking the vertices or edges and making a line toward the vanishing point but if the line would go through the shape, don't draw the line/s. 
  5. Draw a parallel line from the side of the shape that has the perspective lines. Make sure the line goes touches only two of the lines; the ones that towards the side. Now on top of the shape, draw another parallel line on the part you haven't drawn lines.
  6. Now, your drawing looks like a cube with extra lines. from the parts you drew the parallel lines erase the lines so that it looks like you are done. Now, if you want to make it a house or anything else, add a roof and background. Make sure the sky is ABOVE the horizon line. 


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