Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Healthy Habits with Grade 2

Grade two has completed their analogous color background and are now working on the subject for their masterpiece.  We are using the theme of the current unit of inquiry: as inspiration.  Each artist brainstormed healthy habit images and symbols in their sketchbook, finalized their plan including color coding, and has begun drawing and cutting out their designs using construction paper in the opposite analogous colors.  (If the background was warm colors, the collage on top is cool colors)

We're having fun using art to create posters to show and remind our family and friends about habits they should follow to live a healthy life.  Some of us are drawing fruits and vegetables, some are drawing sports for exercise, some are drawing toothbrushes and paste.  I wonder what good habits we should develop in the art room?  We'll be finishing these projects in the next week and look forward to deciding on a display area for our art to make an impact on others!

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